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Issue Number 28, February - April 2000

Issue Number 26, August - October 1999

Issue Number 24, March - May 1999

Issue Number 22, October - December 1998

Issue Number 16, June - August 1997

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studioNOTES is an independent artist-to-artist journal for artists working in all styles, media and geographic locations. We receive no government or corporate funding, and encourage your support.

Purpose: To help artists in their work and lives by providing practical solutions to career, technical, and artistic problems. To encourage and invigorate. To provide a sense of community that helps fight feelings of isolation. To help break down the unnecessary wall of pretense that sometimes surrounds art.

Philosophy: We believe that artists come first. People who work as critics, dealers, curators, administrators, consultants, etc. perform valuable functions, but they exist to serve artists (and the public), not the other way around.

Published 5 times a year. Subscriptions are $100 and up (patron), $40 (sponsor), $25 (regular). studioNOTES, Box 502, Benicia CA 94510-0502. 707/746-5516. e-mail.

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