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Number 28

February - April 2000

Short takes

Art Beyond Borders is an international project of artists who use the Web to exchange ideas and cooperate worldwide. Manfred Peter Mueller, one of its founders points out that, "It's easy for every artist to organize an exhibition in his hometown but extremely difficult to check out a show overseas without someone who will give some help and information there. So every artist of our project works to organize a show in his country, to give other members of the group information about opportunities for artists and so on."

They have had, or are scheduled to have, shows in Italy, Austria, China, Toronto, and New York so far, and current members are from Austria, Canada, China, Italy, Jamaica, The Netherlands, USA, Russia, and elsewhere. Mueller says, "Art Beyond Borders is open to all serious artists around the world." Their web sites is and the email is

HERMITAGE FOR ARTISTS: Kay Flavell is developing an independent organization called the New Pacific Studio. Its purpose is "to foster international exchanges and experiments in the humanities and environmental sciences in Pacific cities, and to serve as a Resource Center for information on contemporary Pacific artists, writers, exhibitions, and book/arts festivals."

The Studio also "promotes collaborations between schools, museums, and libraries," she says, "and seeks more representation in North American and European Museums for the contemporary voices and stories of Pacific indigenous and migrant peoples."

One aspect of the undertaking is a "hermitage" program that would allow artists to stay for two weeks in otherwise unused living quarters in Pacific America or Asia Pacific (including Australia and New Zealand), for a fee $100. These accommodations-vacant apartments, spare rooms in houses, and the like-would be provided by their owners, but would not necessarily include studio space. Flavell is currently seeking such places, as well as artists to stay in them. At least two are available currently, one in Benicia CA and one in Menlo Park. In addition, she is looking for prospective partners to purchase an old rural property that could be used as a hermitage.

For more information: Professor M. Kay Flavell, 1523 Hearst Av, Berkeley CA 94703. USA, (510-849-0217); Program in Critical Theory, UC Davis CA 95616; (fax 530-752-4339); email:

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