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Number 28

February - April 2000

From Birth to Life
mixed media
56 x 49 cm

Saraswati, From Birth to Life

SARASWATI is currently in Auroville, India, "working on the rising up of the spiritual light in the nature and in the human being. I try to reproduce the particle aspect of this light that we can see only in a certain opening of our inner being. Generally, the size of my work is 56cm x 78cm because I am doing it on a hand-made paper that I bought in Pondicherry, India. I am using acrylic and sometimes pastels and pens and collages with different kind of materials.

"I am working by series. When inspiration is coming in, I work several days without stopping, and after, I need some time of rest and doing something else to change the aim of my creativity. I begin with the bottom of the canvas or the paper. The first colors I use are chosen instinctively, and that determines the ground colors of the finished picture. I begin to work the first layer of the picture with large touches, then I continue the others layers with thinner and thinner touches, and I finish with small particles of colors when needed. I am very fond of the new physics, and my work is inspired by the books of Fridjof Capra, David Bohm, Stanislas Grof, and other writers researching quantum theory and consciousness."

She says, "Auroville is an international township that tries to incarnate the Human Unity in a city and in the world. It was created in 1968 by The Mother of the Shri Aurobindo's Ashram in Pondicherry. It belongs to no nation and to nobody in particular. It belongs to the world. I have been an Aurovillian for nine years, but because of some family problems, I had to leave this place that I love [and return to her native France]. Now, maybe the time has come that I can again come back. I have been here two months, but I have to go back to France, where I have to prepare some paintings for an exhibition on the Sacred in Modern Art in Lyon.

"While here, I am working on a glass technology to try to find the exact color for the inner skin of Matrimandir, which is the center of Auroville. It's a building that symbolizes the Human Unity with an inner chamber completely white with a large crystal in the center. The Matromandir is not finished at all, we are building it since more than 30 years and it symbolizes also the building of Auroville, the City of Dawn."

Saraswati's work can be seen on the web at

Auroville, India    01.19.2000

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