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Number 28

February - April 2000

Readers Recommend

SEARCH ENGINE: runs parallel searches on a dozen separate search engines simultaneously. A marvelous time-saver to find just about anything.    -Benbow Bullock, Vallejo CA

SHIPPER: Art Handlers LTD. 800-253-0158. I sent large paintings (5x6') from San Jose to Phoenix for little cost. They picked the work up, which I had to cover with heavy gauge plastic at my home, and delivered it to a private party in Phoenix. I thought the service was excellent because I didn't have to crate the work.     -Mal Mori, Saratoga CA

PROTECTION: Crystal Clear Bags for cards, envelopes and small artwork. Impact Images. West of the Rockies: 800-233-2630 (fax: 916-933-4717); East of the Rockies: 800-328-1847 (fax: 901-935-2720)     -Mal Mori, Saratoga CA

BOOK: You Have More than You Think, by David and Tom Gardner, is a helpful book about money, and some of the principles apply to time management as well. Another book about time and money that is absolutely essential to an artistic successful life is Voluntary Simplicity by Duane Elgin.   -Sue Clancy, Norman OK

SOFTWARE: MangoArts ( $165 from is a total management system that records consignments, sales, projects; lists artwork and mailing list; and provides reports on same. It serves me very well in all the areas of record keeping I had long done manually. The company has been around for a long time with software for museums, galleries, etc., but this for artists is brand new, so they are always working on it. Every time I have contacted them with questions, their e-mail response has been very prompt. What is more, when I have perceived "something missing," it usually turns out that it's there but I just haven't learned it yet.     -Joanne Corbaley, Benicia

BOOK: Creating a Life Worth Living, by Carol Lloyd (Harperperennial Library, 1997) is for anyone creatively inclined who needs to incorporate their creativity into a day-to-day life experience. So that their artist gift becomes a lifestyle experience and not just a job or career. This is so hard to do today because many times our culture/world denies this way of living and working for a long list of social, political, and cultural reasons.     -Gabrielle M. Fennmore, Columbus OH

FREEWARE PROGRAMS: Irfan View, a handy program to open and quickly view your picture files. Free Brush from American Free Library, actually for children, this is for fun to sketch wonderful pictures, to use unusual brushes like a teddy bear brush or a flower brush to create colorful pictures. HTML editors: Aol press 2.0, a WYSIWYG for homepages; Arachnophilia, raw HTML editor. For homepages, WSftp lite is a handy ftp agent to transfer pages to a server, Ulead gif animator animated gifs. For virus protection I have Computer Associates International's InoculateIT 5, which is free to download from for personal use.     -Marja-Liisa Iivonen, Katrineholm, Sweden

BOOK: Air Guitar: Essays on Art & Democracy, by Dave Hickey (Art Issues Press, 1997). Dave Hickey could probably recommend the best place in Vegas to have a marriage ceremony performed by a Baudrillard impersonator. This book of essays delivers art and culture criticism for the post-postmodern MTV future primitive.     -Greg Renfrow, Benicia CA

SOFTWARE: FileMaker Pro (versions 3 and 4) for Mac is a relational database which looks up data in various files, then calculates and presents it in many different ways. It is flexible and powerful in its design capabilities. I use it for most of my computer work-it's a workhorse for me, and I enjoy using it. I approach it somewhat like Rube Goldberg (inventor of machines that couldn't work to do jobs that didn't need to be done in the first place). FMP is the kind of tool that I can script and design to do any kind of task of calculation and organization that one could imagine. It is so easy and enjoyable to use that I often design a whole database to figure out an equation that would ordinarily be worked out with pencil and paper. I have not found anything that FMP cannot do if I put my mind to it.     -Evan Lindquist, Jonesboro AR

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